About this site

Renderdfont.com, like many such utilities, started its life as a handful of helper scripts used to make web design and prototyping a little easier and evolved into a bit of a test bed for learning and comparing the wonderful world of javascript frameworks and content delivery networks.


Web developers and graphic designers love fonts, but getting anything beyond a small subset of common fonts to render consistently across browsers is pretty much impossible. While some server side publishing systems will help, fancy font elements are typically generated manually using graphics tools such as Photoshop, exported to a suitable file format, and then integrated directly into the page design as images.

This isn't an overly complex exercise, it just gets rather tedious and boring, especially in the design and review stages when little tweaks like font style, position, colour and size occur frequently.

It also means that automatically generated text, from a content management system for example, can't be displayed in the desired font.

This is where Rendered Font steps in. Using the renderedFont service the text is rendered directly from the style information provided, just as if the font-family chosen was directly supported by the browser.

Better yet, the text that is getting rendered appears in your HTML as plain text, so it all degrades elegantly and keeps the search engines happy.

In addition, Rendered Font works across all major browsers and platforms so you can be sure that your end users are seeing exactly what you intended them to see.

Font licencing

Font files are pieces of software in their own right and Rendered Font recognises the effort and expertise that goes in to the creation of a new type face. As such we have gone to some effort to prevent piracy of rendered font images.

If you are a font developer and you believe that someone is using this site to render a type face that they do not have the correct licencing for, please let us know and we will do all that we can to correct the situation.

Contact Information

For support and general enquiries please leave a comment on the applicable page or email